Women’s Memorial March Campaign

The Women’s Memorial March is held every year at Carnegie Hall in Vancouver on Valentine’s Day (see also Wikipedia). It is an event to remember and honour the lives of the Murdered and Missing women of the Downtown Eastside.

Please see a brief overview of the project parameters below.

A brief overview of the hypothetical project. I am hoping in the coming months to get in touch with someone involved with the Memorial March for 2017.
Though I have been unable to get in contact with anyone involved with the Memorial March yet, I hope to get in touch with them for the 2017 event.

The epidemic of Murdered and Missing Women in Canada is something that goes under the radar of the general public too often. I felt compelled to advocate for their cause and the more I researched, the more heartbroken I became.

I found a database that was put together in 2013 by Maryanne Pearce for her doctoral dissertation titled An awkward silence: Missing and murdered vulnerable women and the Canadian justice. I typed out all the women’s names who were from BC who identified as a First Nations woman and used that as the main graphic device for the campaign in order to show the scale of the problem.

The poster was designed to be a large-scale poster for the side of a building. In order to reach the maximum number of people in Vancouver, a giant red poster in the downtown core ought to do it.


I partnered the poster with a series of postcards that are meant to be handed out in strategic places (outside the PNE; outside casinos; outside country bars) a few weeks before the event:

The information on the card is meant to catch the audience’s eye with the light graphic on the front that is associated with a place they are visiting. Reading further, it gives them a brief glimpse into one of the lives that have been lost, hopefully sparking a connection between them and the victim. There are many more cards that could be done to add to this series.

I got most of the information about the women from CBC’s Missing & Murdered site; an excellent resource if you are looking to learn more about the epidemic. Some other links I found helpful for this project were: List of missing, killed aboriginal women involves 1200 cases, Globe and Mail; Fact Sheet, Native Women’s Association of Canada; Tragedy of missing, murdered indigenous women bigger than numbers, The Star.

I would like to expand this campaign in the future with a brand for the event, more postcards for the series, as well as a social media aspect, to capitalize on the BandTogether hashtag.

I believe I should get an A for this project because I did a lot of research and really feel like I made something punchy that could hopefully make a difference.


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