Designing a Designer’s Resume

Another seemingly insurmountable task, though an extremely practical one: a resume that a design studio might actually look at. My main challenge with this assignment was to get my fairly long resume to look clean and polished but still get attention by revealing a little bit of myself. Below is the final version.


My unique selling point is that not only am I driven and focused but I can also wear many different hats. Right now, I could say I have four part time jobs while being in school (which is crazy, I know), not including the other things I do that are not work related.

So I wanted to make sure all the information I was providing was well organized into as few categories as possible. And though I love icons, I didn’t think it would have added anything but clutter to the mix; I found the information I wanted to include was too complex to distill down to an adorable little picture. So I skipped that initial idea.

I mainly created this resume for design firms like Burnkit and Glasfurd & Walker; both have very different aesthetics but they share a crisp, cleanliness I wanted to emulate.

Because my layout was clean, and frankly, a little ‘blah’, I added “I get shit done” behind my name and description. I originally wanted that to be all I wrote as a personal statement but decided against it and just used it as an interesting graphic device to emphasize that even though I can make something beautiful, I do enjoy taking risks. I think it shows the boldness of my personality which is something that sets me apart from others.

Overall, I think I worked through many different solutions to come to this one and I’m really happy with the result. I believe I deserve and A for exploration of my personal strengths and application on the page. I do look forward to talking to people about possibly having a better solution for my contact information as I don’t want it to get lost in the rest of the writing. Looking forward to revising before sending this off into the Vancouver design ethos.


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