Working with Miiko

We were lucky enough to work with a real client for our final project in Design Studio II: Kimiko from Miiko Skin Co. This fantastic brand from Victoria, BC focuses on creating natural, healthy skin care and educating the public about how to take care of their skin.

Screen Shot 2016-04-20 at 10.05.25 AM

Kimiko wanted us to focus on collateral that could be used online to expose the public to her brand and boost online sales. She was also concerned that her products do take more education to use than other non-natural alternatives and she wanted to make sure once people buy her product, they understand how to use them properly.


As a group, we worked together to brainstorm a plethora of ideas for concepts and collateral. We then presented to Kimiko our top ideas and together distilled it down into fourĀ concepts she found would be the most helpful to her brand. We worked on a storyboard and sample for a short video; a package to help her start promoting her brand through YouTube health and beauty gurus; a brand guide to help streamline her future design process; and finally, created an instructional booklet that can be sent out with Miiko products to educate her customers.

For my personal contribution to the project, I did a lot of research, brainstorming, team management and helped specifically with the YouTube promotional package and the Brand Guide. I refreshed the logo, created a new optimized hummingbird for small sizes, created guidelines for graphic devices and labels. Annie Lee and myself also worked together to compile the final presentation for Kimiko.

I really enjoyed working with a real client and with a large group: it took a lot of coordination we don’t need too much in other projects and it was a really good learning experience. The ideas we individually came up with definitely evolved a lot through conversation and group work and I think what we came up with was something that will really help Kimiko move forward with Miiko.


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